You Got to See


I wasn't there, so I don't know
But you got to see
You got to see

I didn't care to be high or low
But you got to see
You got to see

You got to see that I'm trying to mend my ways
I'm trying hard to give you back all those golden days
I took from you all your favorite velvet poses
The messenger I sent last night gave you thorns instead of roses

And I will be in KAOS if I don't get in control
As all the plans I made for us go spinning down the hole
You got to see me when I was not so good, yet
I never realized just how bad that I could get

So now we got this situation and I hope you got to see
What the pull of separation has really wrought on me

You got to see, you got to see
You got to see me be so shameless with my lies
You got to see, you got to see

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You Got to See
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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