Safe at Home


There's no one due to be calling today
I can take it out anytime that I like
Those awful admirers just seem to get in the way
Every time I walk my spike

Though it's a little too fresh to spoil that way
It's hard to ignore when it calls you to play

So he acts like a rook but looks like a bishop
He can be blamed for all of your mishaps
And he is the one with the tenderest leg packs
A third name when having what a man with a peg lacks

Safe at home
Safe at home
We all thought we werer safe at home today
We all bought the bone we caught today
We all fought the urge to swing and sway today
Just to stay at home

I got him tagged, but he was safe at home
My great big fan is safe at home
It takes a man to be safe at home

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Safe at Home
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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