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The Ramones Official Website (R.I.P. Joey 1951-2001)

Look out people, there's a big wall of TRUTH comin' at ya'
The Stephen Colbert Nation

The Daily Show - Comedy Central Shows

St. Louis Cardinals official website

Major League Baseball official website

The Urban Dictionary

Craigslist : Eugene, Oregon

City of Eugene, Oregon Website

Eugene Public Library

Vast Lyrics

Infomerical SCAMS site


shy Elvis
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TIME Magazine

The Drudge Report

The Smoking Gun


Bill Maher REAL TIME - HBO

D Ali G Show - HBO

The Sopranos - HBO

The Mr. Show show homepage

Discovery Channel Online


Full Tilt Poker

The International Lyrics Server

ICQ - World's Largest Online Community


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The Best Elvis Page Anywhere !!Elvis Costello Home Page -- (new WIKI home)

The Best Elvis Page Anywhere !!Elvis Costello Home Page -- (previous home)

Elvis Island 2002 site

Elvis Discography (Paul Hosken site)

Trainspotter's Guide To Elvis CCostello

Bright Blue Times : The Music of Elvis Costello

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UBL LISTING: Elvis Costello 1

UBL LISTING: Elvis Costello 2

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