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Audio Galaxy / Sounds


(Wavs & Midi's for your ears)

Streaming Real Audio
The Files:

Wavy Wav


Other Wav Files (used on this site):

Cronkite Wav -- (101 Assassins)

Ed Grimley -- ("this is so sad I must say")

Hello Gorgeous -- (''hello gorgeous")

Whip it -- (Devo snip)

Songs by Vince Burgess :

Man in the Moon -- **(Vince Burgess / 2:20) -- LYRICS

Some MIDI files too (used on this site):

Gathered from all over the Internet / Thanks to ALL ARTISTS !!

Another Brick -- (quick midi)

007 Theme -- (quick midi)

Pulp Fiction Theme -- (quick midi)

Stripper Theme -- (quick midi)

See the Sky About to Rain -- (quick midi)

I Wanna Be Sedated -- (quick midi)

Peanuts theme song -- (quick midi)

Money (Pink Floyd) -- (quick midi)

Everyday I Write the Book -- (quick midi)

Watching the Detectives -- (quick midi)

Oliver's Army -- (quick midi)

Oliver's Army #2 -- (quick midi)

Green Shirt -- (quick midi)

Green Shirt #2 -- (quick midi)

Almost Blue -- (quick midi)

High Fidelity -- (quick midi)

Radio Radio -- (quick midi)

Alison -- (quick midi)

Alison #2 -- (quick midi)

Goon Squad -- (quick midi)

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood -- (quick midi)

Pills & Soap -- (quick midi)

Pills & Soap #2 -- (quick midi)

Riot Act -- (quick midi)

Possession -- (quick midi)

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love & Understanding -- (quick midi)

She -- (quick midi)

She #2 -- (quick midi)

I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself -- (quick midi)

I'll Never Fall in Love Again -- (quick midi)

The preceeding links to various audio files are available here for immediate use. Most audio files have been placed on their appropriate lyric pages. Real Audio recordings are all recorded in stereo (Basic Real Producer -stereo- / 32KBS) and because the real audio encoder shrinks files while preserving sound integrity (mostly), they take far less time to download than do WAV audio files. ALL REAL AUDIO FILES ON THIS PAGE ARE NOW SET TO PLAY STREAMING AUDIO. Wav files of songs here are recorded in mono at 4kbs - poorer quality than RealAudio and takes a lot more K space. Listening is best on a Real Player. You must have Real Player installed of course. They have a few versions that you can get for free.Get your REAL AUDIO player now !!. If you want to have the ability to make your own audio files for a home page of your own or whatever, I suggest you also download the REAL PRODUCER BASIC as well. You run your high quality/best audio (which I record as WAVS with higher quality settings, optionally deleting them yourself later after encoding/condensing them to ".rm" files - to save hard drive space on your computer) through the REAL PRODUCER and it will condense and rename your files to .rm files. To work on web, you change the .rm to .ra before uploading, it must be uploaded with the .ra extension. To get them to 'stream' you have to upload two additional files using the same file name but with '.ram' and '.rpm' extensions. You do this in notepad by typing only "http://www.YOURFULLADDRESS/YOURFILENAME.ra" without the quotes. Then you 'save as' this new file twice -each time you change the extension to ".ram" and then ".rpm". Now upload all three files (.ra,.ram,.rpm). You then set your html to play the new '.ram' file to accomplish streaming. The .rpm file is necessary for use when embedding a REAL PLAYER on your web page itself. WAV audio files can be played/used by most people who have some sort of media player in their operating system, but it takes forever to download even a short clip of sounds in fairly poor MONO. Some Wavs of song clips (older, non-updated versions) are included here and as backrounds to some of my home pages, but remember they take longer and don't sound as good. A few wav clips are from internet downloads and feature spoken words, that sound very good, but the overall issues of downloading, storage, quality, and presentation still heavily favor using REAL AUDIO.

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