Great Expectations


I'm lost now in confusion over whether you love me or not
You tossed me 'til contusion an' ya left my cold heart hot

Sincerity - I measured wrong
I guess I thought I knew you better
But these broken times and broken lines
Do not communicate your letter

You said to me I was your broken dream
Just two steps down the rungs
I thought I knew how to make you see
I was the better one

But hindsight doesn't clearly show until the love is really over
I'm so sorry to have bothered you; I thought that I was your lover

It was great expectations
Built up and then torn down
That led my fascinations
Of having, having you around

And I tried to make appealing all the things you stripped from me
But this process of revealing only hides more than it frees

Can I close the book: conclusion
Erase the ink that we've bled
From my first look: delusion
Filled the echoes in my head

But now I know, I think I do
I'm pretty sure, I guessed it too
I had no sense to see it then
And perhaps I never will

It was great expectations
Never seeing what I saw
Mirror-blind fascinations
Are some postulated law

It was great expectations, it was great expectations
It was great expectations, built up and then torn down
That led my fascinations of having you around
It was great expectations, it was great expectations

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Great Expectations
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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