Sinnin' Dude


I don't care who sees me now
It's gone way past that point and how
I know I'll never live it down
I'll never live it down

They wouldn't have to let me live
No one could know just what I'd give
To be back on the top of the world
On the top of the world

Back on the top of the world, - right on the top of the world

The arrogant have no regrets
And the elegant never forgets
But there will be no re-do
No, no review

I'll match my sins against them in those bible stories
From Sunday night hopefuls to punch-drunken mornin' glories
I can't barely remember even half of the shit I have done
I'm just a sinnin' dude sinning in the sinning day sun

No one could stop me dead, from being bad - that's what they said
Since I was a sinning lad I caused them all dread

When someone yells, ''Hey, sinning dude.''
I smile and wave
When someone cries out, ''It's the sinning dude!"
They know I can't be saved

It's time to turn myself around, and plant my feet back on the ground
I'm gonna change my evil ways, - those nasty evil ways
I am the new man in town; My sinning days are behind me now
And I will be everybody's pal......................and everybody will say...

That it's good - to have me around
It's good to have me around, yeah
It's good to have me around
It's good to be around

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Sinnin' Dude
Lyrics: Charles Hazen & J Burgess


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