Flight for Life


Wedged between a rock and a hard place unrecognizable
I turn right, I see the rock
Turning left I cannot do
I am violating the natural landscape
Continuing to long for the last wash of consciousness

Near death, I believe
Dirt, dust, and twisted metal my final rest
I am alone with the moon and the stars
All around is nowhere to be
I wait for this eternity to change

It was an outing for solitude
A time I longed for to share myself
Now a part of loneliness complete, I regret it
I am lost with no chance to find
Only distant animals and the road make communications

Prone, the taste of red trickles into my mouth
I hear the air as it breaks and chops in the night
A tornado of conclusion whirring to arrive
I brace for the rise and fall of death's crescendo

The dusty, lifting air of noise is close
My blurred senses detect landing, orange and white
Ever close to my end I must be
I am pulled by angels, and turned face-up to watch
Rustling, they touch and prepare me

My angels are uniformed for service
I detect colorful patches, and helmets with wires
They lift and carry me into a whirring desert cloud
My limbs falter and I faint from the thrust
I awake days later with revelation and life

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Flight for Life
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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