You're My Best Friend


You're my best friend and I know
Although sometimes I don't treat you so
And it's real; this bond is bonafide
But we both know how I can keep such things inside
I got no problem with anger
Just a problem with my pride
You're my best friend

When I'm troubled with something I've done
You say I should have known better, but you don't turn and run
And when they're brought on by things I didn't do
You've no problem with making them your problems too
And though sometimes we argue
My problems are never brought on by you
You're my best friend

There's been times I've mad you sad
When I do stupid things that I know were bad
And you scold me and get mad
But you're the best friend that I've ever had

I'll try to change my ways to prove I'm sincere
You don't know how much I miss you when you are not here
And I never want to lose you again
So I'll share you and care for you 'cos you're my best friend
Sometimes I act like I'm above you
But I want you to know that I love you

You're my best friend
You're my best friend
You're my best friend
You're my best friend

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You're My Best Friend
Lyrics: J Burgess


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