Untitled (pg.707) Song


You've been around her so long, you've grown accustomed to her tastes
And it took every bit of silence to fill her vanity plates
Now when she expects the same things that she's come to know
You held that job so long now, they had to let you go

She won't really understand, how will she react?
When love comes down in ruins where the train runs out of track

It don't take no simple simon to figure out her game
She sold her rights to happiness for a more expensive name
And now she has her memories and others she can blame
But when at last no one cares it doesn't feel the same

She's almost going under as she oversees her state
Her every thought is homicide, but she decides to wait
The feeling's cruel, the thought is bad, all adding up to this
To be posing such alternatives and how cheap she sold her kiss

Your lullabies and secrets are like poison in my veins
It's time to get a grip of life and grab on to the reigns
I can't say for sure just how you got my goat
But I can say for sure I might soon have you by the throat

All those bits and pieces have kept me busy it's true
But the pictures are still fading like my memory of you
I got a question, I wonder..., but I can't ask it anymore...

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Untitled (pg.707) Song
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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