Tougher Than We Look


Hello my alien friend
We'll take the gift you send
We left a window open and the key outside
Come give us a lift and we'll go for a ride

You teach a nasty lesson well
Can't be a heaven or a hell
How could we have known you'd laser up our homes
How could we have guessed that we were all alone

It's obvious you are familiar
You look just like you do in the book
And you should know before you probe our soul
We're much tougher than we look

Tougher than we look - we know it
Tougher than we look - we'll show it
Tougher than we look - we demand it
We've got more than home field advantage

You came along to scrape the surface
Of everything that gave us purpose
You made your plans for annihilation
But we've set up your extermination

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Tougher Than We Look
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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