National Crime


Here we go again, one more time again
Up around the bend again, here we go again

Do you have to hold your hand up in the air?
Found it difficult to be aware
All day long, your sudden stare - I wonder if you really care
'Cos the time is movin', and the days go fast
I got no time, I wanna be first not last
I gotta keep going, moving on
When I have to see you later, - I'll be gone

I'll be gone, I'll be gone, I'll be gone
I'll be gone, don't know where, but I will be there
I'll be gone, don't know where, I will be there
I'll be gone, don't know where, I will be there
Don't know where I will go, I will be there

They got the dials and the lights, the flashing signs
The towers rise above the line
We got streets of gold and slums of tin
Ain't no middle, ain't no way in

We all stay where we're supposed to be
You can't cross the line, can't cross the street
You might get in trouble, get thrown in jail
You can be anyone, - succeed or fail

Find the answers in the dark when your home at night
You got fear of the day, you got fear of the light
You can't go outside, you're too scared to drive
You can't go anywhere just to feel alive

So when the heartstrings unwind and the tables are turned
You feel a little colder each time you get burned
No one is helping, - is everyoned against me?
I don't know, - who defends me?

I gotta go out and find that road, place my face in deep, gravel gold
I gotta find a way, I gotta find a day
I gotta find the way to make this day pay
I gotta find the way, I gotta find the way
I gotta find a way to make the day pay

It's our national game and we've got to play
If you don't make a move, they'll kick you out today
You'll be gone from here to a third world life
You won't have no potatoes...

So I picked up the phone and dialed a waste of time
For that noise confusion, cost me 19 dollars and 99

It's a national crime, and we're all in jail

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National Crime
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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