Living Dead Time


I need a day off like I had yesterday
And the day before
I need some time off like I've had all year
Yes, I guess I'm needing more

I need dead time, it makes me live
Got no time to work or (to) give
I sit around and do my own thing
I know I'll find a way to blow off everything

So then I've got my mind
And my mind's got my secrets
Too hard for me to follow
Too deep for me to unzip

I'm lying all the time when I say I know the real thing
I'm just as lost as you and the bow of your heartstrings

But if I get the time
Some time for me to unwind
I'll have to find a way
To do it all the time

Making money's fine
Living on dead time
I've got to loose my wind
Or I am going to lose my mind

Living dead time, living dead time
Living dead time is the only way for me
Living dead time, living dead time
Living dead time, it's the only way to be

Everyone in the streets
You know they think they've got their own way
The helpless hands of pity...

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Finally a song I can relate too....c'mon..livin dead time, livin dead time...gimme gimme dead time, living dead time !Please Sign My Guestbook
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Living Dead Time
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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