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Homeless Joe


I'm gonna be a little late this evening
I gotta barrel of fine things to do
I hear the rustle of a cry by the buck and wing
Like a symbol that I paid for you

I never could reach around or through
I left it right out for you to view
I'm gonna see it slow as I wonderstruck blue
Like a murder is how I am for you
Like a murder is how I am for you

But, you were never first to go, because you were always running slow
And the only solace that you can find
Is to strike a blow for all mankind
But, you'll go down in history - as Homeless Joe

Do you have to keep it inside when we all know that I'm out?
Against the grains of truth, you work the shadows into doubts
You have it ever-ready, but it never sheds a clue
A secret flash of darkness lights up the fires that burn for you

I'm sure to fall again this spring
I know I'll sit when I want to stand
I'll lose direction 'round the diamond and ring
Like an ocean that meets no sand

I'm gonna be early this afternoon
I gotta try to keep the outside in
If I should fail on the trail to become immune
Like a snake, I will lose my skin

But, you, - you never move all at once; You try for home on standing bunts
So it never seems to scare you when the inside boys all dare you
That you'll never change your hairdo, 'cos your luck will then outwear you
And you'd end up left behind the things in front
Then you'd end up left behind the things in front

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Homeless Joe
Lyrics: Charles Hazen and J Burgess

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