Say, what can you tell me about Eugene, he's the meanest man you've ever seen
For a town like her, he'd leave no doubt, he'll kiss your face and spit you out
Time inside - can be so re-arranged when everything is different and nothing has changed
He goes on yelling deep into black night through the green and yellow of red firelight

You see Eugene is running clear up to Albany, be careful with that axe of bitter harmony
Eugene can't find no place to be, Eugene is getting off scott-free
Can you tell me about Eugene? Can you tell me about Eugene?
Can you tell me about Eugene? Can you tell me about Eugene?

Eugene - he came in late last night, under gray clouds that shed no light
He may have grabbed the fancy of me and you, but Eugene still ain't nothing to do
And did he tell you how his rivers wild - cut snakes through the land of lonely miles
He wouldn't speak for the longest while, it took longer-still to get his smile

But, Eugene would still come through......We were doing it all for you...

So the winter preview is in the fall, to Eugene this means nothing at all
He comes and goes so just as he please, Eugene in the spring has such knobby knees
Now it was he himself who said he'd fail to hold on the dog of the plaintive wail
He only ran too fast just to get away and spent all the time he made for that day

Eugene, you're such a crazy fool with your make-believing duels,
And your imaginary wars with Elvis, all coming home to roost
You used to be able to tell it your way, back in the grasses across your heydey
And you could only plainly tell that it was some diplomat that gave him a coat but took his hat

Whoever it was, sure gave Eugene a thrill - to be on the inside of somebody's will

Eugene, you're just as crazy still for so as long now as you'll be
And as we fight the call for restoration, there's just not much we do believe
In regulating all your time, feeling the axe as we feel you grind
We never realized that you were just a state of mind
Eugene, in the end, we were just unkind

C'mon , gimme a kiss

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