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Now You're Living with the Curse of Sophistication !

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As of late today, there are 269 Buttons + other Related buttons
Featured in the pics below. Almost all are unique, there are very few dupes
and many of the buttons that look identical in these scans are in fact
different in some way (color, size, framing, pose, or pin style). Use your
browser's return (<---), etc..., to get back to here. I'm always looking to
add to this collection, so if you have any dupes you want to trade or sell,
please let me know.

I also have quite a few Elvis 2-1/4" Quality pins that I can Trade or Sell (cheap).

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Elvis is King
Elvis Buttons pic 1 (134k)
Help Us Hype the Elvis
Elvis Buttons pic 2 (110k)
Elvis is This Years Model
Elvis Buttons pic 3 (118k)
Elvis Sinatra
Elvis Buttons pic 4 (84k)
Elvis Wants You !
Elvis Buttons pic 5 (126k)
Elvis is everywhere
Elvis Buttons pic 6 (109k)
Elvis is James Bond
Elvis Buttons pic 7 (119k)
Elvis is alive ! (and has had a longer career than the dead Elvis)
3 Elvis Buttons pic 8 (34k)
Elvis is like butter
Elvis Buttons pic 9 (114k)
Help Us Hype the Elvis !!
Elvis Buttons pic 10 (131k)
Elvis, We need some new music!!
Elvis Buttons pic 11 (126k)
Elvis is the King of America !!
Elvis Buttons pic 12 (118k)
I Love you just as much, as I hate your guts
Elvis Buttons pic 13 (113k)
There's a page back in History...
Elvis Buttons pic 14 (118k)
...I believe we just become a speck of dust...
Elvis Buttons pic 15 (128k)

A Bunch of Stiffs
Related / Stiff Buttons (37k)
We Like the Elvis
Related / Nick Lowe / Pogues Buttons (50k)

cool line, dude

I also have quite a few Elvis 2-1/4" Quality pins that I can Trade or Sell (cheap).

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