The Living Room


You trade to understand, to undermind
Who can we blame for doing this to you?
You kind of won, you were one of a kind
Until you craved the taste of the cold blue

It really wasn't a shocking surprise
The way you would bitch and moan
We know now we never should have closed our eyes
We should have never left you alone

Were the candles lit? Were the curtains drawn?
Was it damp like an egyptian tomb?
You didn't even care what might be going on
Outside the living room

From here we could not see what you could see
You drew conclusions to your illustrations
You could have left us with more dignity
But, it's what you wanted, so congratulations

And what did you expect us to do?
As we wait for our lives to resume
An' didn't you realize that some might follow you?
Into the living room

The flashing lights in your vicinity
So still and ageless lying on the sofa
I guess that that was your proclivity
Now I'm not sure if I was glad to know ya

Now I'm afraid to take a single breath
I'll never know if it's a toxic fume
And from now on I will be scared to death
Every time - I'm in - the living room

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The Living Room
Lyrics: J Burgess and Charles Hazen


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