Pop Song 09


I'm gonna write a pop song
It may seem short but it took so long -- to write
I'm gonna write me a pop song
And if I'm lucky it will be all done -- tonight

It's gonna have a hook or two
And have real meaning especially made for you -- to like
You'll like the way you can strum or hum
Every bar will be open for you -- tonight

Don't you worry about how it was done
There's something in it for everyone
You probably thought you could write it too
And if you did than what could I do?

But write another bouncy little pop song
Just like the other one I've already done
A happy little, dance a little pop tune
Bouncin' through your head this afternoon

Pop songs, they all have to say
Nothing could be better than to feel this way
Pop songs that go "yay!" and "hey!"
Can only make this a much brighter day

So, for now, you know when you feel so down
It's best to have this pop song around
You can only smile when you reverse a frown
You can never resist such a happy sound

You'll just erase that pain and woe
Happiness floods over all you know
You're feelin' good when your spirit grows
So shiny happy your whole world glows

Pop songs, that's what they do
Nothing feels better than being you
Pop songs that go "yay!" and "hey!"
Can change your life in a single day

So, I'm gonna write another pop song
It may seem the same but it's a different one -- that's right
I'm gonna write me a pop song
And if it's plucky you'll be singin' along -- tonight

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Pop Song 09
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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