Nighttime Spills


You see it happened at the Mellow D Ranch
Half a mile down the road
And now every time - we cross that line
I know we've got to lift the load

We gotta breakout - from this stakeout, child
We've got to crash out - from this deserted isle
We learned what it takes and how to do it
Gonna trash this place, now let's get to it

And I'll be back home tomorrow
And I'll leave again that night
I love the thrills of nighttime spills
And the feel of a winter fright

I like to race the man on the cliffs of life
I like to roll right in - every single night
Isolated villa
Confiscate the thrill of my life, of my life

We roll right in and roll back out again
This is what it takes if you want this life
See all you make - when you get this life
Catharsis will surely rule - if you play the fool

Then, you'll be blinded from within
And stricken once again, in a minute

The world will open wide, and you will see our pride
In the fire, in the fire, in the fire
When all seen, and when all dreamed
Will be happening like a scene in a nightmare worse than death

Reality - will cease to be
We'll live our dreams from TV
And tie down
And tie down
And tie down
And tie down

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Nighttime Spills
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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