come here, fido !

Dog 'n' a Beer


The universal language is a force of habit
Like new lost findings in the jam-stained bindings......of children's books
I still believe in being homeless in Hawaii
I have no fear of tryin' to leave this awful, lone-assassin state of mine

No fun intended, the rule's been bended,
The flowers were all sended, can't even get a dog 'n' a beer
Hillbilly howl's crescended, can't Johnny Cash be tended
Won't somethin' be invended, to get a dog 'n' a beer
To get a dog 'n' a beer

The water under the bridge is like a world in my pants
New satin linings, tragic under-minings, stale Air Hockey
When I'm in my car, I have an 8-track mind
Schlotsky's on my dash, can't somebody tend to Johnny Cash

Letting the heaven's fall, no one is safe from a fool such as you
Protected by her parasol, from the leaning tower of your voodoo
Into the mouths of birds, goes worms and things and big baked potaters
Even in your own words: the point is lost, but the verbatim will come later

No gun defended, last right's amended
Sewed trousers are suspended, London britches are falling down
Vacancies attended, this song has started ended
If someone will patended, how to get a dog 'n' a beer

How to get a dog 'n' a beer
How to get a dog 'n' a beer
How to get a dog 'n' a beer
How do you get a dog 'n' a beer

'Round here I need a dog 'n' a beer
How do I get a dog 'n' a beer
Get a dog 'n' a beer, 'n' a beer, 'n' a beer, 'n' a beer
Dog 'n' a beer, dog 'n' a beer, dog 'n' a beer
Dog 'n' a beer, 'n' a dog, 'n' a beer, 'n' a dog, 'n' a beer
Dog 'n' a dog, dog 'n' a beer, 'n' a beer 'n' a dog, 'n' a dog 'n' a beer

(What I really want to know is how to get that dog in my beer)

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Dog 'n' a Beer
Lyrics: Charles Hazen and J Burgess


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