Corporate Slavery


Your girlfriend's crying all the time
You can't check in 'til it's check-out time
You made a line they crossed and jumped on twice
Who know's what that will get you if you bootlick nice?

And you were raised into society
Had no say of how it would be
You faked a picture and scratched an i.d.
But your disappearance was the poetry

You became a cog - out in the great big land
You shined 'em then you fined 'em - for not lending you a hand
You arrived at a comfort level - I guess you had that all planned
You had that one big thing...- you didn't give a damn

Will you lose your heart and lose your soul?
When you don the corporate role
I'm tied to a tree, I'm a corporate slave
Please throw some dirt on my corporate grave

It's not my de-fault....oh, how I mis-behaved
But I won't be no corporate knave
I'm sick and I'm tired - of all them talking trash
I'd give my right eye - to have them feel my lash

You became a frog - long after you were prince
A rat bastard on the make - you've done it ever since
Who knows where the limits or the boundaries for you are drawn?
You got a plate in your chest where your heart belongs

corporate devil

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Corporate Slavery
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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