zapruder film

Clues on the Video


If I were all the experts, I could take the time
Instead, I give my pay - to defend the greatest crime
With baited hooks, I was lured to their lines
I bought their plot and pack of lies for peace of mind

I feel that I've been robbed
I want to sue, I want to get my American Way
I want it all - without a hand-out
And a reason to believe in what they say

Was the black really white or was the black only black?
Who's lies are really pathologically exact?
Hanging on back and forth, am I on a swing?
They know I'll digest what they feed me, I'll believe anything

Been through the crannies and the cracks
I read the books and seen the clues there on the videos
But whose facts are really facts?
And how can I relax as long as I can't know?

I don't know what to believe anymore, or whether I should doubt them
Stop analyzing the pro's and cons, and start forgetting about them
I think that I've been wasting too much time
'Cos I know there ain't that much time

Why did we need convincing, was the truth a hired hand?
We lost our faith so easily, - was that the plan?
We questioned all their answers 'til it became a trend
When will I finally find the page that says, "the end"?

Should I just leave it to the pro's?
Or realize it's time to show that I don't care
And maybe only - Heaven knows
And if I'm lucky...they'll tell me the truth when I get there

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Clues on the Video
Lyrics: Charles Hazen and J Burgess


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