Brent Would


My arm wouldn't hurt this evening if I hadn't gone out last night
The things I hear have more meaning when I'm punch-drunk prone to fight
I'm liable to be sued for this, I covered up that fatal kiss
Now I'm not too sure what to do

So I was tried to conviction in the public eye
I lived my ambition - now I'm ready to lie
I took them all on until they let me go
And I'll take to my grave all the things they want to know

I never said I wanted to converge in technology
I only meant I had an urge for your psychology
It's extraordinary, it's extra cute
When they give you all they can and then they give you the boot

You're in a great big hurry
They threw you off the jury
You cut a big back door for a midnight escape
And bought a monkey for business to paint that bloody gate

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Brent Would
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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