Be Leavin'


They want me to come but I don't want to go
They think that I'm dumb but they just don't know
That I am none of these things, I'm just set in my way
I'll stay in this hell-hole until my dyin' day

I got my cable TV, I got my cheap cigarettes
All the great things I have - I know I'm so fortunate
I still get confused as to what's important now
Should I conquer my fears to persevere somehow
To persevere somehow

Are all the securities I feel all false and not so real
Or is this just a blind man's game
It's starting to reveal that everything is so much the same
Should I be leavin'?

Is it really important to leave the things that I love
For the sake of a promise that they're speakin' of?
All my comforts are golden, all my creature's complete
I can set the controls as I sit in my easy seat

Give up the kingdom I have made for this uncertain trade
Through all your dust I finally see
Does this hand you played mean more to you than what matters most to me
Should I be leavin'?

In the deep dark hours as I'm lyin' in my bed
I'm wonderin' 'bout the wonders they have said
The rhapsodies, the melodies - seem so sweet it seems
The crystal clear calling of such peaceful running streams

Can such a wonderous paradise exist beyond my dreams?

They want me to come, still don't know if I should
Cuz something so perfect can't be so good
All of their intentions - I can't make up my mind
Don't know if I'm ready to leave this life behind
To leave this life behind, to leave this life behind

Give up this kingdom I have made for their uncertain trade
Through all their dust I finally see
The games that they might play, they tend to lead me to an early grave
Should I be leavin', Should I be leavin'
I must be leavin', who can I believe in?

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Be Leavin'
Lyrics: J Burgess and Charles Hazen


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