1987 Chevy Silverado Suburban - Great tires, recent work, priced right 4 daytrips/camping/fun lotsa pics For Sale : $ 900.00 (price reduced $900.00).

Final price reduction : can't go any lower than this....priced to sell NOW!!! This is an extremely nice and overall very clean and well-running 1987 Chevrolet Silverado Suburban. It's a R20 style, which is a 3/4 ton, 2 wheel drive model with a 5.7Litre V-8 engine. I have enjoyed this truck immensely, and it has never let me down. I've only had the truck for about a year and a half, and I almost don't want to part with it, but a separation and change of jobs necessitates that I do. I am a concientious seller, and I know that whomever gets this will be very happy. A friend was all set to buy, but had a giant landscaping bill he had to deal with, so he bowed out recently.

The tires alone, have less than 4000 miles on them and I have the dated reciepts from Les Schwab for the set , which cost $460.00 at purchase. Spare Tire / Jack is also included. I then put almost $1000.00 into various repairs, like: new exhaust manifold, valve cover gasket, New Distributor, plugs, tune up, hoses, oil and lube, new manifold and a few other things just to get it really tip-top. It was running fine when I got it, and I took it to JOE'S GARAGE and had the work done.

I HAVE RECIEPTS FOR ALL THE WORK MENTIONED. I only put 1500 miles on this baby myself, and it's a great vehicle, runs great, strong, and hold a lot of stuff (naturally). Considering the tires, and the repairs and maintenance put into it - with only 1500 miles put on since, I don't think you can beat this deal if you're looking for a big rig to have fun with. It ran fine before that, but it's only been improved.

A great truck for day trips, my family and I used this for trips to the coast, camping, and various moving jobs and short travel trips. Insurance was cheap too. Anyway, this is a nice deal, and a nice truck. Just took it on a nice trip out to Newport on Mother's Day, and it ran great, as always. It has the removable back seat, which is very easy to take in and out. The middle seats fold down of course, making for a very large, near truck bed size flat layout for camping gear, trips, moving, people, mattress, or whatever.... The radio only kinda works, never did quite get that done, and there are just a couple of very minor little issues here and there. A bit of peeling paint on top, a minor ding in the door, but otherwise, everything is in very good working order.

The cruise control, the back window control, the doors, lights, signals, wipers, are all fine. Rear window control works by key in the back or by a convenient dash switch. Back window tint helps for privacy and security as well. It has airconditioning equipment, and even a rear air conditioner, but this has been disconnected, and I was told by previous owner this may have been done just for better mileage. Not sure if it really works, but it might. I like air conditioning, but it was such a decent deal for me, that it really didn't matter when it came down to it. Plenty of windows and circulation.

The headliner (inside under roof) has been removed, and I never got around to that, but it's a minor deal really, hardly knew it was gone, and the interior lights all work fine.

Lots of possibilities and ideas and different sorts of improvements can be done to even make this Suburban even better than it already is, it's just up to the individual, but here and now -- it's already a fine running, well cared-for, and ready to roll vehicle that is very versatile and has years and years to go.


THE ODOMETER SHOWS 77,865 MILES, and I have no idea if it's gone over more than once, but the engine is steady, fairly clean, and in good shape, plus I had the work done right when I got it, as mentioned above.

I have made a special pictures page on my website, with plenty of pics. The pics don't do the truck justice really, and many of the areas that may look like stains or discoloration are not nearly as rough, dark, or as bad as they appear, and some are just the effect that a brushed area of carpet tends to make in certain angles or lighting. The front seat has a a couple of minor tears, but is easily covered and didn't get any worse since I got the truck. The back bed carpet is also not perfect, but it's in overall fine shape. ANYWAY, you can use this link to my own personal website space for more pics:

Chevy Suburban PICTURES PAGE

If you have any trouble with this, let me know, and If you have any questions or want to come check it out, just write back or give me a call. I am down off w11th ave near Fred Meyer in Eugene.

$900.00 takes it.

thanks, - Charles 465-4932 9a-11p.