Poetry ain't (is not) mathematics

What do you want
What do you want from me
She took it all from me
It came and went you see
Once again...
You took it all from me


You've got that classic assassin approach
Your best intentions are beyond reproach
You had a dream of a diamond coach
But all you got was that rusty brooch

Why did I think you were some mistress mary
My knowledge of you is now so contrary
You bend and you chew just like a sugar plum fairy

Your mind of deceit is still extraordinary
And me at your feet, some tom, dick or harry

Yes, I'll do your bidding just as long as it pays good
I'll configure the knitting to weave up your neighborhood
But, I don't believe you, you're no one I trust
I learned it all early, your trip was a bust


One by one, we get things done
We're working every day to earn our fun
And by the time that the weekend comes
We're ready, now as ever, to enjoy the sun

Day by day, we are learning more
A spirit all as one you can't ignore
We're building and we're trying to repair the past
Looking for a way to make it last

Frome sea to sea, you should want to be
Here in the land of oportunity
Communication lines from the east thru the west
We're connected and we're growing....

We are
America's best        (we are)
America's best        (we are)
America's best        (we are)
America's best


She came out of the daydream and fell into your nightmare


Let the Truth Be Blown

It's not the end of the world.......what you're thinking
It's not the end of the world.......why be drinking
You can change it all
You can change it all

She was a young girl, she was desperate for attention
She took the whole world and whipped it into tension

There was something about him that shook them so...

You shook our faith, you shook his bed
Put all of those thoughts into his little head
You came from nowhere, now you are a Starr

(A Guy Named Y)


On the big boat when she felt that she was flying
It wasn't really clear that he was close to dying
So she took a long look without hardly trying

Too much ice in that drink

Paint it Blunt

The pudding was one hundred proof

How come there ain't no "one times...'' for the times you spent with me

First, Now and Always
Next and more so

Nowadays it seems you can't relax
I guess there's more to life than just the facts
When you feel like a bundle tied upon the tracks
Fighting this world and its heart attacks...

Don't you walk, don't you stray
Don't let them take your chair away
I'm not any threat to human-kind

Over the rainbow, under the sea
Up the hill
You've learned the art of sitting still

It's not so easy, when you've been to the towers
And down on the farm...
corp. powers, power talks, walks, lunch

I, am going out to see
Just what there is for me
I, am going out today

(I'm so) Angry at a Girl


If She's Still There

You know it seems I see her almost everywhere I go
She's got that look that burns all innocence
And her long dark hair of coal
She's made a fool of me, yes once again
You'd think that I would know...

If she's still there - tell her I need her
If she's still there - tell her I care
She's got to know how I feel and really believe me
If she's still there

If she's still there - she can have me


He just don't know - how you really want him at night
To be the man he was when he held you tight
He just don't know what it is that he ever did (had)

He just don't know.....   how you feel inside
                                  who you really are, how you really feel
He just don't know how to pause his pride

I don't have a car for your petition drive
Nor the time to spare to keep alive

run over your grass roots
she is his legacy
here's the good news

There's a war of the worlds going on down my street
There's a war of the worlds inside the obsolete

  Justin Gina                                          6-4-99

It was a baked Alaska winter's day

He didn't have much brain right then

In a cheap and dark and lonely place
Like a cold december thru her face
She beat it all out him , and never gave it back

He first saw her upon the beach
She was so close so out of reach
A shell of herself

The penned down daze of forty nights
All shackled up in (with) padlocked lights
Just twisted all his cognition sum
She picked up his lam and they began to run

The convenience store was burning south
Inside her fast food cookie mouth
She made a gaze/bead and a bib for him
Her little finger all wrapped in whim

Justin Gina, Gina Justin
Justin Gina, Gina Justin

Couldn't we say it was all just like that
I wanna get away clean after the fact
None of her doing, she's too fair to foul
She pinned her badge over mine and threw in my towell

What do you want from me?, take everything, take everything
What do you want from me?, take everything, take everything


They say when your younger (grow) you want everything your own
(and once), But when you get there you can't go home
Again, it's not that I don't care

And then when you're grown that you can't go home
Again, it's not that I don't see

All the forests and the trees all there in view
When I took I off, I just barely flew
And I couldn't get answers for..
What              knew

So all I had was broken dreams and broken wings
Too wounded then to fly

All schooled out from that sober high

And it ain't too safe or sober to really end burned
From all the wrongs   I write, right, would write to learn (ed)

The forgotten why's of those forgotten cries

He Still Writes Songs for Mary

He wasn't feeling oh - so good
He wished he hoped he really could
If things again could be so still
He could love again at will

Those days of old are just so old
As dreams inside the truth be told
Now everyday when darkness comes
The final fall has      begun           fold, told, 

he takes his hat          bell-rung

Everyday - he still thinks of all the same things
           he used to think
Every night - he will drink all of the same things 
           he used to drink
He looks inside - the lonely glass that broadcasts
                     how he got here
One more night - it was just as before
            the crowd casts now

quick on the name

dopebored             6/28/90

I did so much way back then
I don't even remember where or when
It was time for me to stay or go
Those are just some things that I don't know

Anymore they've got me floored
By the time I reach the door I am so pemanently bored
That I don't care who sees or has to feel
I should remain a frozen wheel

All burned out from the distant travels won
'Neath the glaring of the fun 
We had way back when we were boys

Now the noise will make scream
If I hear the voice don't I have the choice
Or do I have to just break down and fall

-------------------------------------------------------- 6/28/99

Nothing's gonna change they say
I wish I believed that stale relay
When inside I know...that everything could

This is so easy, there's nothing to do but wait
Stand on your head and sit on your hands
It's all coming down to fate

So, does it matter anyway if I hide away
Would anybody care if I'm not there to say
It was such a good time we had when we could fly
The wings were true as me and you thought we could touch the sky

But, the muscles weaken, the clouds were bleak
And we didn't stand a chance
'Cos the sun will fall, it's guaranteed
You just can't save that dance

Push on ahead, that's what they said
Be brave and face the facts
You've had time to shiver now go and deliver


They question every day, everything you have to say
Who do they think they're foolin'
I don't wanna pave their road to ruin

Still it goes on, the same old song
And it feels so wrong to question what will be
Will it be long? To be here and then so gone
Same shit for a different century (beyond)

When world war Reagan's dance (blink) the sky
                                       the eye

She checked out of her work and into the Hyatt
She love's the jerk, but he just won't buy it

Maybe one day no one will pick up their phone
We all just got in the way of trying to be alone


Oh, you think you're so good
And, oh, you make me sick
Why do you think it's so like me
To not dignify your trip

'Cos I've known about it for such a long time
I've got the goods on you and your crimes
So I could end it all for you, but I've got my own designs
And if justice comes to call, you'll pay the fines

I guess I'm happy just knowin' that I can't be you
It's much better to be me and not do what you do
I've got my own problems and demons I'll admit
But you've got one over on me, you freakin' hypocrit

Like a pro at an amateur hour
You're stabbing back to get your power
You've had enough of life and it's bends
You're coming up now to make amends

But what is that gonna get you
They ship you in (out) and homewreck you
Where not even your money can protect you
But you say you love it still...

I don't want to spell it out
I know I've said enough
All this venting won't make my week
Besides, you're not that tough


Did she tell you
What she'd really found
Every time you were'nt around
She said she found new love
A new love that is her own
She don't have to be alone
She don't need you
In her house or home

And you know she can't say so
But she wants you just to go
She said her life won't take no more
With your heart she'll close the door
She's got a new friend
And all her love to mend
She don't want you
To turn around again


You found your site and you leveled your plane
You got it right for the first time again
All you can see is like our sight to be seen
You need more coverage than a movie queen
How can you despise everything you know is real
Trading your soul for a last conviction meal
There ain't too much to budge between the shim and the shame
You've got just yourself and your horse to blame

It's gonna take a miracle to stay in step with you
I hate to be so cynical, but it's everything you do
You think it's all so ethical to act the teacher's pet
So they dog you and disgrace you 'til you're really a vet
It's so easy to be lost when you can't recall your name
And live inside your home page 'til you fairly feel the same
You can build it and destruct but it's just no way to live
You've got a cellar in the space where your heart should live

Now you think it's trendy to be on line with those 'friends'
Who rather put you under than save you from the bends
If I had time to wonder I'd just prosecute your blame
And plaque your fifteen minutes in the hall of shame
This ain't the rhythm nor the way I heard it sung
But now it's quite impossible to stop what you've begun
You've got your little phantom like a spider now in space
As you hide behind some bites to full delete your face

One things for sure, they'll all now have to see
How you traded your connection for a mighty mouse to be
So you kept us all guessing, I guess you had that all planned
You had that one great thing, you didn't give a damn


You're the subject of his pictures     12/22/99
Every step you take or run
You parade all through his galleries
With the fervence of the sun

He let out all his breath for you
But you don't care when he's turning blue
Without a doubt - you are his frame to view

You outwaited time, now you're first in line

The story book closed just before you got the ticket
She left a note up on the post but forgot just how to stick it


When the devil comes in thunder                        4/28/00
And your hiding underneath - down under
You can see his whirlwind entrance
Feel the marks of his existence

You are for the taking, you like that
You are tenuously mistrapped
You are here for someone to decide
Will you be pulled or left to hide

But don't worry , it's not quite like this
No, not the way that I've described it
I can't hide my darkness fondness
I watch it sneak up slow behind us

So, in every man and perhaps a lot of women
There's a hungry heart for making major sinnin'
There's a cold dark place with such warm and bloody thoughts
The trick is, you see, ...is to double guard the locks

And keep it warm and keep it clean
That thing that rests between your high held shoulders
And always say just what you mean
Keep anything that's bad way back deep below your molars



You got a flight school manual but you never it let it show
All your pretty little pelicans are lined up in a row
It's not so often that i've seen you all brung down like a truck
That's gone too many miles on a rung of broken luck

Because its too far back you just won't let it go away


Your (w)HOLE IN THE WALL OF THE WORLD        3/5/01

They say...when I started here I was a lonely man full of fear
and they heard that it was only me just listening to what I'd heard
But they take more than they choose, with an aim that's not true
Like I'm sitting here in the grown up dark, I'm now all confused

You could say, like I would, that I'm near done gone from all the twisted pain that I put through
I might cry, thought I should,  when the chiseled vein of warm happenstance just fell on you
It was if - you were there, and as I turned around - you disappeared like I was unaware

  Of anything that should have been, that i'm imagining, or that I've fallen through...fall on you


This ain't one of those kind of songs
That's gonna cure my ills or right my wrongs
But if in the end I can feel my tears
I really don't care if anyone hears

I couldn't say how selfish I was
I couldn't give but took on love
I left the cold bruise of this heartache
All over the ruins left within my wake

On too many others I have rained down too
Too cold for their comfort, but (though) I always knew
Too little gets too much when you're talkin' in two's
I know it's always been somethin' (that) I just don't do

And it's really just somethin' that I can't do

It's never been easy for me to say
The things I'm gonna say today
To stand up straight with the truth inside


You took the muscles right outta my joints
You gave me blisters      points
You made it clear, it's not that i'm near
You're only pleasure just ain't around here
That gives you     near

I thought I knew the extent of your deception
I thought you'd run back here for protection
But you didn't care, didn't bat one eye
You didn't feed me, let my pet snake die

My life's in hock from the crap you put me through


the girls had every right to be excited

So are the best years all behind me
                fears          find me

She picks me bread and bones
She's just like a vulture
She's so damn hard
Like a whore to culture

She got dirty fingernails...


I remember        old dusty roads
Steel blue skies over dirt so gold
All these days...

Just as quick as he was here
He disappeared
He disappeared
But the trick is to stay near (dear, )
And reappear
(even) long after you are gone

He was stuck behind
Stuck so Long
Stuck so wrong - hard with all
Those needles and pins
Mr. Insignificant....


Don't tell me what I want to hear
I'd rather hear the truth
You've got the look of.......
I think you've seen the proof

I'm at the end of a losing trail
Seems there's no way to choose
Once again, I've returned to fail
I'm know I've paid my dues

When love became a mountain
I found couldn't climb
Now it seems i've just fallen
In thru this heartache of my mind


The Ballad of Tiffany

They called her Tiffany Lxxxhips such passion in two lips


Now listen, this is how it was
I'm gonna tell you just because
I like You
I like you in my Heart close to me

I'm tellin you this 'cos  I like you
And I couldn't bare, if you weren't there
You know you are the biggest part of me


She thought that cool was spelled with a ''k''
She caught this fool - and held him that way
She never saw, it was all behind the eyes

The strangest things will happen in the most ordinary of times
When men can't see the battle for the                   lines

Diminishing returns
I've got a part that always burns
Diminishing returns
But my heart, it never learns

Breakin' Silence
Carnage of You

He learned the ropes, now he's callin' the shots

My first official enemy

Goin' on the run ain't good for the resume
When clean cut days get tossed in a whirlaway
You've got the beginnings of much, even a better day
Keep on riding your winnings and get on a roll away......

Feast your eyes on all the pride and glory
Striped lies, the truth in story.....
How does that fit into the investigation


Digital Love

I got a           flyin' over me from above

Digital love

I'll send my signals to you
Are my feelings getting through
There's really nothing that I can do
But, I'll send my signals to you
I'll send my signals to you

Over and under, we don't care how
              , we're takin' it now


I'm supposed to be doing something
But I don't know what to do
I ain't got no magic pumpkin
But I think i'll see it through

You know I've had a lot of troubles
And I nearly bought the farm
But I swam/jumped/broke thru a sea of rubble
I had eloquence and charm

It was so much harder, to do it right everyday
I earned my turn to live and learn and put in all the way
What more can I say?
I went as far as it could take me when I came up to you 

I'm Still Here

Everytime I see - Something good inside
I'm hopin' and i'm prayin' you won't go back to hide
An' everynight I feel - Somehow - touched
Well how in the hell did I ever get to love (you) so much

I just want it right, I refuse to change
There's a 1000 things i'm doing that I can't explain
Too late to reform, this is who I am
And I've got to right myself before i'll understand

(An, Why..)

I'm still here - I'm just like before
But no one comes to love me (no - no, not) anymore
It's just me - I'm still the same
No one's dreamin' hearts or taking any names

I'm still here - I want you to know
I'm still here - Didn't want you to go
Tell me everything before you disappear
Is every move you're makin' all because I'm still here.....


Sister Soul            (revised 6/6/01)

I tracked you down all over town, I smell your scent but you're not around
All over hell and into the woods, I need it bad and I've got the goods
The way you go is so worth my get, you fill me up like a cigarette
You let me know I ain't too done yet, you hear me beg I wanna be your pet

I guess it's true, I'll not get over you  -  Turnin' inside out, it's the best I can do
But I can tell by the way you make me smile  -  I wish we could have had a little while

Sister Soul - you hold me now in a world that's true confusion
And you take all I've got just to build your grand illusion
Sister Soul - you gave me faith, faith that I couldn't love you more
And I soar - way up high, where the eagles grace the sky
They fall down in their love toward the earth from miles above
Where they take a ravished roll and please the heart of Sister Soul

I gave you all my charm just like I learned in school
You put down the needle when I held out the spool
I wanna wrap you up and open you again
Keep you in my life until I don't know when

You put a change deep in this poor-boy soul
A changeling see me change to a hero on a roll
A club in the subway to knock the crusty sweet
And I'm back into form like a Vegan in heat

I got a hold of a bad case of fear
I see the saucers, 'cos they're already here
I ain't got no problems, living in this fog
I wish you could see I can be your dog

Sister Soul - I told you how, how I wasted all my precious time
And it's true, until you, I never knew, anything so sublime
Sister Soul - you gave me life, life that I couldn't live before
And even as you fade away, I've got you more and more

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