One Hundred and One Assassins


The city was selected for its convenient intercourses
The fractured, fabled framework had been pre-arranged
In some non-sequential working order
Department heads and social dignitaries - refining and defining what we hear
A clean up crew to make it sanitary - initiation for a new career

Didn't really want to be there - at that time or place
Not worthy of the accusation - they pasted on the face
The next two days were kind of blurry - a one-eighty from the fate
A paper judge and cut-out jury - turned the current into the late

Under careful inspection we discovered their flaws
Were they hobos or nobos from the Mardi Gras?
They looked composed with their false compassions
Do you suppose - they were the assassins?

The old gray man with Ruby shoes - the dark-skinned boys from Farrie Town
So many from which you can choose and none but the wrong can be found
With a little thought and co-operations - an evil man with a secret alliance
Tampered truths and documentations - a union of Jacks but all tyrants!

They'll take their place at the appointed time
And devastate the world with their disjointed crime
This crime of the century is not a crime of passion
But there will be no punishment - for the real assassins

It's not as if the black dog man began the task of linking hands
And not unlike the company way to write the script before the play
They'll make him up the perfect foil - wrapped and bowed - then boiled in oil
And one of the two was left to stay while the hundred and one who got away...
Were all the real assassins

There always will be motor parades or motor charades tossed and turned
How many more uncertain decades must pass 'til the truth will be learned
Half or more are gone forever: the masterminds and slaves
The ones who pulled the secret levers - took their secrets to their graves

Hundreds of changing seasons - days in and days out
There's just too many reasons and shadows of doubt
A panel of liars commissioned for their rations
Of facts like grains of salt....tucked neatly in their vault...
When will this bullshit halt !!

Now, if you've got a little job to do - look under "F" for the immoral few
We'll dress for the mess and forget about the fashion
In Heaven or on Earth........will we ever get our worth...
Before they all give any more assassins... any more assassins...
To any more assassins..., any more assassins, any more assassins
Any more assassins, any more assassins

How can this be the perfect plan - with one right and one wrong dead man
They'll shape the clues through trouble and toil
Arranged the news to protect the loyal
How can this be the American way - when they'll bag and crate you for what you say
They will make us up in secret foil - wrap us and bow us, then boil us in oil
Put blinders on us so we can not see
While the hundred and one who went scott free...
They were the lone assassins
They were the lone assassins
A hundred and one lone assassins
They were the assassins

...Didn't really want to be there
...Didn't really want to be there
...Didn't really want to be there
...Didn't really want to be there
...Didn't really want to be there

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One Hundred and One Assassins
Lyrics: Charles Hazen & J Burgess


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