Once in a While


Once in a while you can find the time to...
Rearrange all the things that mind you
You never know when that day - they'll find you
And you will have to think about beginning again

Once in a while they notice you
Once in a while they care
Once in a while it imposes you
To feel as if you are not there

It's time to pick up most everything
You have scattered about your life
Find the old key and that magic ring
And go find out what it is like

There's not reason to be disgusted
Friends you have had and may have trusted
Times have changed and you are unaware
The shiny coat has gone rusted

Once in a while when I called your name
I could see you approach in the dark
I could not think because it was not the same
But, it still attacked my heart

Many ways have gone better
Many days have been by
One is the loneliest letter
No promise left to try

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Once in a While
Lyrics: Charles Hazen


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