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Business for Yourself


Tired of punchin' in - feel like breakin' out
Well, walk right off and sit right down
I'll tell you what it's all about
G-G-G-Go to Mexico, and buy the stuff they sell in the streets
Tube socks, mock franks, velvet bull banks
And rent a booth at your local swap meet

You'll be in business for yourself
Selling lawn jockeys and garden elves
Chess pieces and little Jesuses for your shelves
Dog tapestries and Chias
Sunglasses from Korea
You can make a million in business for yourself

Collect newspapers and cans, be a bagman or a private eye
Or get a parking lot blower or your dad's lawn mower
Get some stencils and spray paint and be a curb guy
And if that's too much for you, I'm sure there's other things that you can to do
Sell junk by phone, never leave your home
It'd even be easy for a jerk like you

To be in business for yourself
Just you and no one else
Anticipating and calculating your wealth
You never have to confess what you make to the I.R.S.
You'd be a jerk to not be in business for yourself
I mean, you'd be a jerk to be in business for yourself

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Business for Yourself
Lyrics: J Burgess and Charles Hazen


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