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UPDATE: I have for the most part stopped collecting ELVIS stuff, so this list represents stuff I have currently, with a few updates lacking for stuff from 2002 and on. I basically am just getting the regular CD albums now, and nothing new, or singles, or cdr's or anything. In fact, I'm willing and going to offer most of my collection for sale. I AM NOT, however, selling the cdr's, but may offer a trade deal, or trades for DVD BLANKS, or perhaps even a dollar deal for a large quantity that is worked out by mutual agreement. CDR's are/were meant for trading, but I know some folks don't want to go through the process, and I am also not going to stick it to anyone - pricewise. This is a current project, with its own web page in my site. If you wish to request or offer for ANYTHING I may have, please feel free to do so. My SHOP & stuff for sale

This list is kept very much up to date, so this is the extent of what I have as
of the day I write this. The 'tracklist' links to the right take you to a page
with information about each cdr, its tracklist, and also its artwork availa-
bility (if any). Help and additions are always welcome.   
Trade On !!


Stuff with Known Titles and/or "BOOTS" & such:

Accidents / Roundhouse - London 4/16/78 ("Elvis Costello" vinyl boot) 1CD Tracklist Acoustic Tales Live (Solo "Pinkpop Fest" Landgraaf, Holland 5/15/89) 1CD Tracklist Aging Gracefully (w/ Steve Nieve May 15, 1996 SF) 2CD Tracklist Aim to Please (Flip City Demos/Stiff Demos 197x) 1CD Tracklist Angry Young Sod (Agora - Cleveland, OH 12/5/77) 1CD Tracklist Ask Jeeves (w/ Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner 4/27/2000 Ruby Syke - SF, CA) 1CD Tracklist Back with a Vengeance Vol. 1 (7/26/96 Shepherds Bush Empire - London) 2CD Tracklist Back with a Vengeance Vol. 2 (July 96 Shepherds Bush Empire - London) 2CD Tracklist A Band Looks Nice On Him (6/28/02 Akasaka Blitz - Tokyo, Japan) 2CD Tracklist Barbados Mega Mixes (early Kojak Variety boot) 1CD Tracklist The Berwald Hall (1/5/99 Berwaldhallen - Stockholm w/ SN & SRS Orch) 1CD Tracklist Betweem Wisdom and Murder (w/ Steve Nieve May 22, 1996 NY) 2CD Tracklist Brilliant Parade (Tokyo, Japan September 22, 1994) 2CD Tracklist Buddy Holly on Acid (Foro Italico, Rome, Italy 7/19/94) 1CD Tracklist Buffo Italiano (w/ Steve Nieve 2/9/98 Torino + 2/14 & 2/15/98 bonus) 2CD Tracklist Civic Duty (LCCC + KZEL Intv: Eugene, Oregon 2/9/78) 1CD Tracklist A Class Act (All 12/10/99; + 16 bonus 11/4,19,20,24/1999 - UK gigs) 3CD Tracklist Crawling Through the USA (NY, 3/3/78 & Berkeley, CA, 2/7/78) 1CD Tracklist Daze of Glory (Heatwave Fest - Toronto 8/23/80 + Sydney 6/2/82) 1CD Tracklist Do the Rumba (Japan TV 11/21/87 + CDR Bonus tracks) 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet(3/18/93 Town Hall - NYC 15 track) 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello & The Rude 5 in Japan (Omaya, 9/2/91 + more) 2CD Tracklist Elvis Costello Live - "Unlicensed" (Spectrum Theatre - Philly 8/11/84) 1CD Tracklist Enchanted From Memories (Japan 8/1/98,11/21/87, 6/84 + 1/11/99 AMA TV) 2CD Tracklist Episodes of Elvis (4/16/02 Astoria,1/17/02 London,11/5/01 Crossroads) 2CD Tracklist Everyday I Write A Book (Spectrum Theatre - Philly 8/11/84) 1CD Tracklist Fascinate (7/7/02 Shibuya Public Hall - Tokyo, Japan) 2CD Tracklist Fatal Attractions (London Royalty Theatre 11/23/86) 2CD Tracklist Fill in the Blanks (Wendy James Demos + 9 bonus trax) 1CD Tracklist The Flip City Demos (Flip City Demos/Stiff Demos 197x) 1CD Tracklist 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (radio,tv,live 8/2,12/5,12/6/77) 2CD Tracklist 45 Alibis (w/ S. Nieve & Guests: 1999 Live Compilation) 2CD Tracklist Forbidden Playthings (The Berwald Hall - Stockholm Jan 5 & 6 1995) 2CD Tracklist Frisco Beat (Zellerbach Aud. - Univ. of CA, Berkeley, CA 2/7/78) 1CD Tracklist (The) Gangster is Back (Univ. of Austin, TX 9/7/83) 1CD Tracklist Going Stateside (Universal Amphitheatre - L.A. 5/13/94) 1CD Tracklist Good Year for the Covers (Live cover tunes / Various dates & venues) 1CD Tracklist Gwendolyn Letters (Wendy James Demos + 8 bonus trax) 1CD Tracklist Heartful (Hallfull) of Songs (w/ Steve Nieve Tokyo 2/10/99) 2CD Tracklist Here's a Little Song Goes Like This (All 6/5 + various May-June '02) 4CD Tracklist Hidden Charms (Shepherd's Bush - London 5/17/95 + 1 5/16/95) 1CD Tracklist The Horace Barlow Experience (2/6/80 Liverpool University) 1CD Tracklist I Did Talk to Bob Dylan (March 1995 Support gigs for Bob Dylan) 1CD Tracklist Idiot's Delight (9/27/98 Vin Scelsa Interview & Studio Live) 2CD Tracklist The Imposters Return (Astoria + Virgin, London 4/16/02 + Ross 3/29/02) 2CD Tracklist I Never Talked to Jim Reeves (Oxford 11/27/94 & London 11/4,11,25/94) 2CD Tracklist In the District of Columbia (Warner Theatre - Wash, D.C. 2/28/78) 1CD Tracklist I Stand Accused (Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA 4/12/79) 1CD Tracklist I Still Have That Night in My Head (Tenco Awards, Italy 10/24/98 + ) 1CD Tracklist Italian Nights (10/24 [8], 11/6 [3], 11/10-1998 [3] & 5/1/96 [2]) 1CD Tracklist I've Just Come from California (Seattle 2/10/78 & Eugene 2/9/78) 1CD Tracklist Jesus, This is Elvis (London 5/17/95 & 1 Track 5/16/95) 1CD Tracklist King Biscuit Flower Hour (96-36) (9/96 Rebroadcast of Philly 8/11/84) 1CD Tracklist King of Americana (KOA Acoustic & Electric Demo Versions 1985) 2CD Tracklist Kostello Kilt Kollection (11/10/84 Edinburgh Playhouse - Scotland) 2CD Tracklist Land of Hope and Anchor (5/14/80, Snyder 81, BBC 78, BBC 80, NY 1977) 1CD Tracklist The Last Foxtrot (16 track full ORIG. cassette vers 6/7/78) 1CD Tracklist Later Special with Elvis Costello ("A Case For Song" - 6/18/96 BBC TV) 1CD Tracklist Legends and History Collide (8/16/96 Fox - Detroit + (5) 5/26/96 NY) 2CD Tracklist The Little Hands of Concrete (2/29/87 Brenford & 11/28/86 RT London) 2CD Tracklist Live at Glastonbury, England, 6/94 (6/25/94 + April 1994 BBC -?-) 2CD Tracklist The Look of Love (Radio City MH, NYC w/Burt Oct 13, 1998) 1CD Tracklist Made in Japan (Solo at Kudan Kaikan - Tokyo 7/20/89) 1CD Tracklist Main Attraction (6/18/96 BBC London recordings for TV,Radio,Video) 1CD Tracklist The McCartney/MacManus Collaboration (Demos, live, b-sides, studio) 1CD Tracklist Meeting of the Masters (EC & Sofie Von Otter - Stockholm 1/6/96)(40m) 1CD Tracklist MLAR Rehearsals May 1991 Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara(+lotsa live) 2CD Tracklist My Date With Elvis (Portland 5/18/02 complete + (12) 5/19/02 Seattle) 2CD Tracklist Nagoya and Out... (Final Attractions show 9/15/96 Nagoya, Japan) 2CD Tracklist Nashville and More (Demo's, Flip, live, John Peel 78, duets) 1CD Tracklist (Nearly) Almost Blue (Almost Blue Demos, live, Flip, Peel, & b-sides) 1CD Tracklist A New Year for the Roses (12/31/81 NYC Palladium country tunes) 2CD Tracklist Now Receive Your Reward (w/ Steve Nieve Eugene, OR 5/27/99 + 2/9/78) 2CD Tracklist Oh Shit ! Discs 1 & 2 (Demos from several lps/projects + Live Mingus) 2CD Tracklist Oh Shit ! Discs 3 & 4 (KOA Demos/Outtakes + 4 Flip + 4 Live w/ Nieve) 2CD Tracklist On the Road Again (w/ Steve Nieve Toronto Massey Hall 6/16/99) 2CD Tracklist Osaka 1999 (w/ Steve Nieve Sankei Hall - Osaka, Japan 12/18/99) 3CD Tracklist Party Girl (live Orpheum Theatre - Minneapolis, MN 8/18/96) 2CD Tracklist Perfume (7/4/02 Festival Hall - Osaka, Japan) 2CD Tracklist Pluggelectric (6/1991 MTV Unplugged + 11/15/94 Glasgow, UK - BBC) 1CD Tracklist Plugging the Gaps Vol. 1 (b-sides, guestings, live, demos, remixes) 1CD Tracklist Plugging the Gaps Vol. 2 (b-sides, guestings, live, demos, remixes) 1CD Tracklist Plugging the Gaps Vol. 3 (b-sides, guestings, live, demos, remixes) 1CD Tracklist Plugging the Gaps Vol. 4 (b-sides, guestings, live, remixes) 1CD Tracklist Political Action (Logan Hall - London - Miner's Benefit 3/9/85) 1CD Tracklist Radioactivity (Old Waldorf, SF First U.S. 11/15/77 early/late) 1CD Tracklist Ragged But Right: The Coward Brothers Live (w/ T-Bone Burnett / 1984) 2CD Tracklist The Rarities (b-sides, guestings, live, demos, remixes) 2CD Tracklist A Record to Plug (Various Radio & TV 2002, live, Interview, bonus) 2CD Tracklist Red Shoes (11/21/87 - Japan TV + 4 bonus 8/23/80 Heatwave) 1CD Tracklist Riot Act '83 (London 10/17/83 + 1 each 6/1/81 & 9/7/83) 1CD Tracklist The Rise & Rise of Declan MacManus (6/15/78 - Ger & 3/23/95 - London) 1CD Tracklist A Royal Performance (Paul & EC: 3/23/95 - St. James's Palace, London) 1CD Tracklist Secondary Modern (6/2/82 Sydney, Australia) 1CD Tracklist Shagged in Wisconsin (w/ Steve Nieve 6/6/99 - Milwaukee, WI) 2CD Tracklist So Like Candy (5/27/94 Northrup Auditorium - Minneapolis, MN) 2CD Tracklist Some Like it Hot (WMMR-FM 12/7/77: Philadelphia - Hot Club -early-) 1CD Tracklist Stage Fright (Winterland, SF Solo 4/28-29/84) 2CD Tracklist Something New (vinyl boot - FM: Hope & Anchor, London 5/14/80) 1CD Tracklist Sticks and Stones Volumes 1/2 (b-sides, guestings, live, remixes) 2CD Tracklist Sticks and Stones Volumes 3/4 (b-sides, guestings, live, remixes) 2CD Tracklist Stiffed Again (Flip City/Stiff Demos -197x + BBC 77,78,80) 1CD Tracklist Such Unlikely Covers (Compilation of EC performing cover tunes) 2CD Tracklist Superlative Live (Rockpalast - Koeln, 6/21/78 + 7/12/80) 1CD Tracklist Supportive Measures (Dylan supports UK 3/29-31/95 + Guests) 1CD Tracklist Sweetwater (Mill Valley - w/ Jerry Garcia + guests 4/29/89) 1CD Tracklist This is Tomorrow (London Royalty Theatre 11/23/86) 2CD Tracklist Time to Play B-Sides (b-sides, live, demos, alternates) 1CD Tracklist Totally Meltdown (RFH - London: 6/26/01, 5/4/01 & 6/23/95) 3CD Tracklist Two's Company (w/ Steve Nieve - Newcastle City Hall 11/12/99) 1CD Tracklist Two's Company Vol. 2 (w/ Steve Nieve - Newcastle City Hall 11/12/99) 1CD Tracklist Under the Influenza (BBC Radio 1 Glasgow, 11/15/94 + 2 BBC 11/26/94?) 1CD Tracklist Unplugged and Unshaved (MTV- LA 6/3/91 +MLAR Rehearse +BBC Late Show) 1CD Tracklist Valentine's in Venice (2/14/98 Venice, Italy + (2) NYC 4/8/98 BB Trib) 2CD Tracklist Volare (Italian Tour - Various February 5-16, 1998 dates) 1CD Tracklist Woodstock (1999) (w/ Steve Nieve Rome, NY 7/25/99) 1CD Tracklist Writing My Story (Philadelphia Spectrum Theatre, KBFH 8/11/84) 1CD Tracklist Youthful Elvis (Foro Italico, Rome, Italy 7/19/94) 1CD Tracklist

More Costello CDR's

Generally, events are listed by Recording Date, NOT by Broadcast Date

1977-1983 BBC Demos (BBC 1: John Peel 1-4 & Kid Jensen Sessions) 1CD Tracklist 11/15/77 SF, CA (Not Radioactivity Boot) - Old Waldorf (#1 US Shows) 1CD Tracklist 12/9/77 Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) - Paradise Theatre (late show) 1CD Tracklist 12/10/77 Boston, MA (early or late show?) - Paradise Theatre 1CD Tracklist 1/28/78 Dallas TX (+M. Belmont & N. Lowe) - Live at Faces 1CD Tracklist 2/14/78 Minneapolis, MN - Jays Longhorn Bar - KQRS-FM 1CD Tracklist 2/28/78 Washington, DC - Warner Theatre 1CD Tracklist 2/14/79 Long Beach, CA - Arena "Valentine's Night" 1CD Tracklist 2/16/79 Hollywood, CA (vinyl boot?) - Palomino Club (w/ J. McFee) 1CD Tracklist 4/23/80 Mannheim, Germany (Poor recording)- Rosengarten 1CD Tracklist 2/2/81 NYC (+6 bonus 2/7, 1/28,& 2/9/81) - Palladium (w/2 Tillbrook) 2CD Tracklist 2/5/81 Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre 2CD Tracklist 2/9/81 Toronto (w/ Glenn Tillbrook on 2) - Maple Leaf Gardens 2CD Tracklist 12/31/81 NYC "Almost Blue/Almost New" - Palladium (New Year's Eve) 2CD Tracklist 7/17/82 Berkeley, CA (Univ. of CA) - Greek Theatre 2CD Tracklist 8/27/82 Forest Hills, NYC (+ Bonus Tracks)- Tennis Stadium 2CD Tracklist 10/6/82 Leeds, UK - University of Leeds 2CD Tracklist 10/21/82 Liverpool, England - Royal Court Theatre 2CD Tracklist 9/7/83 Austin, TX - University of Austin 1CD Tracklist 10/6/83 Glasgow, Scotland - Tiffanys 2CD Tracklist 4/18/84 Boston, MA - 0rpheum Theatre - (solo) 2CD Tracklist 5/1/84 L.A. "Shut Up Alice!" - Universal Amphi. 2CD Tracklist 5/1/84b L.A. (2nd Version - INC) - Universal Amphi. 2CD Tracklist 12/3/84 London (w/ Cowards + 3/17/85 [4]) - Royal Festival Hall (solo) 2CD Tracklist 10/3/86 L.A. The Confederates (INC.) - Beverly Theatre (2/3 show) 2CD Tracklist 10/4/86 L.A. Spinning Songbook - Beverly Theatre (w/ T.Waits) 2CD Tracklist 10/5/86 L.A. Blood & Chocolate - Beverly Theatre (w/ T.Petty) 2CD Tracklist 10/9/86 San Francisco Spinning Songbook - Warfield Theatre(w/ H.Lewis) 2CD Tracklist 12/6/86 Edinburgh, Scotland Spin Songbook - Playhouse "King of Scotland" 2CD Tracklist 4/18/87 San Diego, CSU Solo Spin Songbook - California State University 2CD Tracklist 4/26/87 Philadelphia U of Penn SpSongbook - Class of 1923 Ice Rink solo 2CD Tracklist 5/1/87 Cambridge, MA (Harvard Univ) - Bright Hockey Arena 2CD Tracklist 11/9/87 Tulsa, Oklahoma - Cain's Ballroom 2CD Tracklist 1/3/89 Timothy White's "Rock Stars" I/V - "The Spike Session" FM (74m) 1CD Tracklist 4/2/89 Holland "Huber on the Air" (60m) - KRO Radio I/View & EC DJ 1CD Tracklist 4/26/89 Warner Patio Party (w/ Nick Lowe) - Warner Bros HQ - Burbank 1CD Tracklist 7/11/89 Montreux Jazz Festival (b'cast) - Switzerland (solo + guests) 2CD Tracklist 8/3/91 Thurles, Ireland "Fiele Festival" - Semple Stadium (w/ Rude 5) 1CD Tracklist 2/24/94 Holland VARA Radio (17m) - I/View + 2 live on air songs 1CD Tracklist 1995 Tom Thumb (Elvis and John Cleese) - Rabbit Ears PRI Radio (27m) 1CD Tracklist 5/20/96 Boston, MA (w/ Steve Nieve) - Paradise Rock Club 2CD Tracklist 5/29/96 VH1 Storytellers (last 5 songs) - New York City (27:43) 1CD Tracklist 9/1/96 Seattle Last U.S. Attractions - Mercer Arena 2CD Tracklist 1998 Bright Blue Times (Irish Radio show home demo: 1 song - 1:54) 1tr Tracklist 10/29/98 London w/ B. Bacharach (14 songs) - Royal Festival Hall 1CD Tracklist 2/8/99 Tokyo (Japan Tour Vol. 4 w/SN) - Makano Sun Plaza Hall 2CD Tracklist 2/19/99 Sydney, Australia (w/ S. Nieve) - Her Majesty's Theatre 2CD Tracklist 5/8/99 Cologne, Germany (w/ S. Nieve) - The E-Werk 2CD Tracklist 5/30/99 San Diego, CA (w/ Steve Nieve) - Copley Hall 2CD Tracklist 6/16/99 Toronto, Can (w/ Steve Nieve) - Massey Hall (FM 12 Songs) 1CD Tracklist 10/16/99 Indianapolis (w/ Steve Nieve) - Murat Theatre "Alibi, Alibi" 2CD Tracklist 9/27/01 UCLA : Charles Mingus Orchestra - Royce Hall 2CD Tracklist 11/5/01 Crossroads (w/Lucinda Williams) - NYC (CMT Broadcast: 1/13/02) 1CD Tracklist 11/5/01b Crossroads (with I/V bits, etc) - NYC (CMT Broadcast: 1/13/02) 1CD Tracklist 12/8/01 Asbury Park, NJ w/ B. Springsteen - Convention Hall("Alison") 1CD Tracklist 4/15/02 Amsterdam (FM 7 Songs) - The Paradiso (FM) 1CD Tracklist 4/21/02 Chicago (WXRT FM B'cast 9/22/02) - House of Blues 1CD Tracklist 4/28/02 London 5/4/02 "Live & Exclusive" - BBC 2 Radio Theatre 1CD Tracklist 4/28/02b London 5/4/02 "L&E" BBC 2 Radio & Jools 5/1/02 + Ross 3/29/02 1CD Tracklist 5/15/02 Seattle - (in store) Easy Street Records KMTT-FM (6 songs solo) 1CD Tracklist 5/17/02 Santa Monica, CA KCRW-FM - Interview & studio live 1CD Tracklist 5/18/02 Portland, OR (remastered vers.) - Roseland Theatre (+ bonus) 2CD Tracklist 5/19/02 Seattle, WA (remastered vers.) - Paramount Theatre 2CD Tracklist 5/22/02 Berkeley, CA - Berkeley Community Theatre 2CD Tracklist 5/25/02 Reno, NV - Reno Hilton 2CD Tracklist 5/30/02 Los Angeles, CA - Kodak Theatre 2CD Tracklist 6/4/02 Minneapolis, MN "In-Store" show - Electric Fetus Records 1CD Tracklist 6/5/02 Minneapolis, MN - Orpheum Theatre 2CD Tracklist 6/7/02 Clarkston, MI (Detroit) - DTE Energy Center 2CD Tracklist 6/12/02 Toronto, Canada - Molson Amphitheatre 2CD Tracklist 6/15/02 Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre 2CD Tracklist 6/16/02 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap - Wolf Trap Filene Center 2CD Tracklist 6/19/02 New York City - Beacon Theatre 2CD Tracklist 7/1/02 Fukuoka, Japan - Civic Hall 2CD Tracklist 7/5/02 Tokyo (You Can't Leave Behind) - International Forum A 2CD Tracklist 7/7/02 Tokyo (aka: "Fascinate" 2nd vers) - Shibuya Public Hall 2CD Tracklist 7/10/02 Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre 2CD Tracklist 7/16/02 Melbourne, Australia - Concert Hall 2CD Tracklist 7/17/02 Melbourne, Australia - Concert Hall 2CD Tracklist 9/19/02 London, Janice Long Program BBC 2 - I/V + 3 songs (Steve too) 2CD Tracklist 9/25/02 Eugene, OR In A Saucy Mood Tonight- McDonald Theatre (Remaster) 2CD Tracklist 9/29/02 Los Angeles - Mayan Theatre 2CD Tracklist 10/17/02 Chicago - Chicago Theatre 2CD Tracklist 10/19/02 Pittsburg - AJ Palumbo Centre 2CD Tracklist 10/21/02 Boston - Orpheum Theatre 2CD Tracklist 10/26/02 Washington, D.C. - DAR Constitution Hall 2CD Tracklist 10/30/02 Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium 2CD Tracklist


Great Unknown 1 - Rough Sketches 1CD Tracklist Great Unknown 2 - Amazing Live 1CD Tracklist Great Unknown 3 - Ideal Eyes 1CD Tracklist Great Unknown 4 - A Night at the Opera 1CD Tracklist Great Unknown 12 - New Adventures (J.E.'s 2002 "GU 12" Compilation) 1CD Tracklist Irish Eyes Smiling Cruel (2002 extras, b-sides, remixes, live) 1CD Tracklist Rare Tracks 1 (appearances, cd singles, live & studio) 1CD Tracklist Rare Tracks 2 (appearances, cd singles, live & studio) 1CD Tracklist Rare Tracks 3 (appearances, cd singles, live & studio) 1CD Tracklist Rare Tracks 4 (appearances, cd singles, live & studio) 1CD Tracklist Rare Tracks 5 (appearances, cd singles, live & studio) 1CD Tracklist

Elvis Related Stuff:

Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. One 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. Two 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. Three 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. Four 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. Five 1CD Tracklist Elvis Costello's Record Collection Vol. Six 1CD Tracklist Poor Fractured Elvis (Tribute CD) (Costello-L 2001) 1CD Tracklist An Arm, a Leg, and a Severed Head : More Songs of Elvis Costello (various) 1CD Tracklist Three Distracted Women - Sofie Von Otter 1996 Paris(composed by Elvis-14m) 1CD Tracklist


12-31-81 NEW YORK PALLADIUM (2nd vers) (2)
4-1-87 HARVARD (2)


CDR's / Informational Spiel: I only place things on this CDR PAGE that are NON-COMMERICAL releases on the whole. That is, you won't find Official live stuff on this list, like the CBS El Mocambo disc, or the Ryko KOA bonus, or Live at Town Hall, or the 5 disc Costello and Nieve set, etc... They might be here because they've been put on an un-official disc by someone, but the original and officially released record company made versions are listed on my Official Elvis CD Collection list.

There really is a difference in Media Qualities and longevity I've discovered, and there's a nifty little (2min) downloadable tool that can Identify the manu- facturer and will also list info about the cdr's you put in your writer, etc. The program, CDR IDENTIFIER, works with most Writers and is very simple, and you can get the device and information on it & others here (scroll the list): CDR Identifier v1.63 (02-03-2001) [108 KB]. I understand that it may not be the latest and greatest, and may not work for EVERYONE, but I couldn't believe how simple it was to get and to use. There seems to be many other types of this too, as well as about a billion other things that are on this site to use and hurt your brain over. The home site, CD Media World seems to be a great place to learn everything you could ever want to learn about all this madness that the hobby of cdr trading and recording involves.

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