Elvis Costello Live 5/27/99 (complete) & 2/9/78 (partial)
Now Receive Your Reward (2cd set)

Elvis Costello Live 2/9/78
Civic Duty (Complete Show + Interview)

NOTE: These scans have now been CORRECTED !! The '78 SHOW -FM-, on cd #2 of the "Reward" cd is incomplete
and was just put on to fill the second cd's space. All songs listed are on the cd.

NEW NOTE: A NEW CD : The complete 2/9/78 show from EUGENE is available
and also features the interview from KZEL-FM EUGENE from earlier in the day -2/9/78. Artwork is also shown below.
COMPLETE SHOW and partially edited interview (to fit) on one CD.

Elvis Costello "Now Receive Your Reward (2cdr)"
Live at Silva Concert Hall, Hult Center - Eugene, Oregon
5.27.99 Complete Show
+ Live at the Lane County Civic Center - Eugene, Oregon
2.9.78 (partial show)

Now Receive Your Reward 2cdr set

Reward cdr back cover

KZEL '78 SONGS (hard to see on image above) are: Mystery Dance;
This Year's Girl; Waiting for the End of the World; No Action; Less Than Zero;
The Beat; Chelsea; Radio, Radio; You Belong to Me; Lipstick Vogue;
Watching the Detectives; Pump it Up.

Reward cd's

Elvis Costello "Civic Duty" 2.9.78
Live at the Lane County Civic Center, Eugene - Oregon
+ KZEL-FM Eugene Radio Interview

Civic Duty cdr and cd

Civic Duty back cover

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Elvis Costello Now Receive Your Reward 2CDR SET
Elvis Costello Civic Duty CDR
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