Compact Discs /CD'S Collection:


        Almost You: Tribute to Elvis Costello                  Various

        Burt Bacharach (See Elvis Costello Collection)  Burt Bacharach

        The Band                                              The Band

        Please Please Me                                   The Beatles

        With the Beatles                                   The Beatles

        Beatles for Sale                                   The Beatles

        A Hard Day's Night                                 The Beatles

        Help!                                              The Beatles

        Rubber Soul                                        The Beatles

        Revolver                                           The Beatles

        Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band              The Beatles

        Magical Mystery Tour                               The Beatles

        The Beatles (White Album / 2cd)                    The Beatles

        Yellow Submarine                                   The Beatles

        Let it Be                                          The Beatles

        Abbey Road                                         The Beatles

        Past Masters Volume One                            The Beatles

        Past Masters Volume Two                            The Beatles
        Free As a Bird
        I Saw Her Standing There (full take #9)
        This Boy  (incomplete takes #12 & #13)
        Christmas Time (Is Here Again) ('67 & '66 + lennon end)         The Beatles single

        Real Love
        Baby's in Black (live)
        Yellow Submarine (new mix)
        Here, There and Everywhere (diff takes w/'95 remix)             The Beatles single

        Acoustic White Album    (CDR BOOT COPY)            The Beatles

        Revolver Demos          (CDR BOOT COPY)            The Beatles

        Tony Bennett   (See Elvis Costello CD collection)  Tony Bennett

        Beavis and Butthead Do America (soundtrack)             Various

        Homogenic                                                 Bjork

        Four                                             Blues Traveler

        Hunky Dory                                          David Bowie

        Ziggy Stardust                                      David Bowie

        Changesbowie                                        David Bowie

        The Singles 1969-1993  (2cd)                        David Bowie

        The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young                     Various

        Brodsky Quartet (See Elvis Costello Collection) Brodsky Quartet

        Retrospective / The Best of...              Buffalo Springfield

        Hazenworld   (Complete 2cd)            The John Burgess Society

        Hazenworld                             The John Burgess Society

        Ebelina              Elvis & Shecky (John B. & Michael Sherwood

        Thank You, Dallas                                  John Burgess

        December '98 Versions                              John Burgess

        Be Leavin' (demo / 7-3-99)
        Dementia Groove (demo)                             John Burgess

        Brand New You                         (7/99)
        Too Long Now the Runaway (new mix)
        I Don't Wanna Be the Guy
        101 Assassins  (new mix)                           John Burgess

        Be Leavin' / Dementia Groove          (9/99)
        Be Leavin'
        Dementia Groove
        Be Leavin'
        101 Assassins
        A Brand New You
        A Brand New You (false start)
        A Brand New You (instrumental)                     John Burgess

        The Cars Greatest Hits                                 The Cars

        The Greatest Hits                                   Cheap Trick

        Infiltrate * Destroy * Rebuild                              CKY

        Timepieces / The Best of...                        Eric Clapton

        Classics Vol. 1 (KKLZ 96.3FM)                           Various

        Coca-Cola Pop Music 3" CD Vol. 1
         Wait for You                                            Bonham
         I'm Seventeen               Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers
         Don't Treat Me Bad                                   Firehouse
         Doesn't Matter                                   Killer Dwarfs

        Coca-Cola Pop Music 3" CD Vol. 3
         Where Does My Heart Beat Now                       Celine Dion
         Steady On                                         Shawn Colvin
         The Horses                                   Daryl Braithwaite
         Frankie & Sue                                     Darden Smith
         What We Really Want                               Rosanne Cash

        Coca-Cola Pop Music 3" CD Vol. 3
         Where Does My Heart Beat Now                       Celine Dion
         Steady On                                         Shawn Colvin
         The Horses                                   Daryl Braithwaite
         Frankie & Sue                                     Darden Smith
         What We Really Want                               Rosanne Cash

        Coca-Cola Pop Music 3" CD Vol. 4
         Fooled Around and Fell in Love                Henry Lee Summer
         Real Gone Kid                                      Deacon Blue
         It's What She Didn't Say                            Paul Young
         Looking for Atlantis                             Prefab Sprout
         Crystal Clear                                 The Darling Buds

        Elvis Costello   (See Separate List)             Elvis Costello

        August and Everything After                      Counting Crows

        Everybody Else is Doing it, Why Can't We?       The Cranberries

        No Need to Argue                                The Cranberries

        Strange Brew: The Best of Cream                           Cream

        Chronicle                          Creedence Clearwater Revival

        Time in a Bottle: Jim Croce's Greatest Love Songs     Jim Croce

        So Far                             Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

        American Dream                     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

        Tuesday Night Music Club                            Sheryl Crow

        Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables                Dead Kennedys

        Greatest Hits                                              Devo

        Locked 'N' Loaded                                   The Dickies

        Idjit Savant                                        The Dickies

        Money for Nothing                                  Dire Straits

        The New Orleans Album                The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

        Discovery (BMG) Sampler - Alternative Vol. 1            Various

        Best of the Doobies                         The Doobie Brothers
        Morrison Hotel                                        The Doors

        L.A. Woman                                            The Doors

        Best of the Doors  (2cd)                              The Doors

        Greatest Hits                                         The Doors

        Cinema Verite                                         Dramarama

        Hi-Fi Sci-Fi                                          Dramarama

        Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits                             Bob Dylan

        Bob Dylan   (Also See Elvis Costello Collection)      Bob Dylan

        Their Greatest Hits                                  The Eagles

        Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2                        The Eagles

        Elvis Costello's Record Collection  (6 CDR SET)         Various

        Greatest Hits                                    The Eurythmics

        Field of Dreams   (Soundtrack)                          Various

        Rumours                                           Fleetwood Mac

        Greatest Hits                                     Fleetwood Mac

        Centerfield                                        John Fogerty

        Bill Frisell   (See Elvis Costello Collection)     Bill Frisell
         (2- Deep Dead Blue & The Sweetest Punch)

        Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats           Peter Gabriel

        Gatorade In Arena Jams                                  Various

        Dookie                                                Green Day

        1039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours                        Green Day

        Terror + Magnificence                                John Harle

        The Best of Arlo Guthrie                           Arlo Guthrie

        Hair (The Original Broadway Cast Recording)             Various

        Richard Harvey (See Elvis Costello Collection)   Richard Harvey

        Meantime                                                 Helmet

        Are You Experienced?                    Jimi Hendrix Experience

        Electric Ladyland                       Jimi Hendris Experience

        Kiss the Sky                                       Jimi Hendrix

        Pilot Pen Company: High Volume Hits                     Various

        Greatest Hits                                              INXS

        In Your Ear (SFX.COM)                                   Various
          (Doors Down, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Widespread Panic, Kenny,
           Wayne Shepard Band, MDFMK, Billionaire, Galactic, Dope, 
           Incubus, Shannon Curfman, Reveille, Vince Converse, Firehouse
           Kittie, Drain S.T.H.)

        In Your Ear (SFX.COM)                                   Various
          (Doors Down, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Widespread Panic, Kenny,
           Wayne Shepard Band, MDFMK, Billionaire, Galactic, Dope, 
           Incubus, Shannon Curfman, Reveille, Vince Converse, Firehouse
           Kittie, Drain S.T.H.)

        Greatest Hits                                       Joe Jackson

        Now Ain't The Time for Your Tears                   Wendy James

        Jeremiah Freed                                   Jeremiah Freed

        Aqualung                                            Jethro Tull

        Original Masters                                    Jethro Tull

        20 Years of Jethro Tull                             Jethro Tull

        Madman Across the Water                              Elton John

        Tumbleweed Connection                                Elton John

        Goodbye Yellow Brick Road                            Elton John

        Greatest Hits                                        Elton John

        Greatest Hits 1976-1986                              Elton John

        On the Mountain Vol. 8  (Starbucks - KMTT Seattle)      Various

        Led Zeppelin II                                    Led Zeppelin

        Led Zeppelin IV                                    Led Zeppelin

        Houses of the Holy                                 Led Zeppelin

        Come on Feel                                     The Lemonheads

        Double Fantasy                           John Lennon & Yoko Ono

        The John Lennon Collection                          John Lennon

        John Lennon Anthology Box Set (1998/4cd)            John Lennon
         ..Ascot, New York City, The Lost Weekend, Dakota

        Live on Letterman: Music from the Late Show             Various

        Nick Lowe       (See Elvis Costello Collection)       Nick Lowe

        One More From (for) the Road                     Lynyrd Skynyrd

        Street Survivors                                 Lynyrd Skynyrd

        Fifty Dollar Baby (+Music for Men EP)                Mad Daddys

        The Immaculate Collection                               Madonna

        Come to Marlboro Country                                Various
        Oobu Joobu - Ecology                             Paul McCartney

        Live in Las Vegas 4/6/02 (2CD)                   Paul McCartney

        The Best of Don McLean                               Don McLean

        Greatest Hits 1974-78                         Steve Miller Band

        Greatest Hits                                       The Monkees

        Greatest Hits                                   The Moody Blues

        An Introduction to the Motown Elite                     Various

        Steve Nieve    (See Elvis Costello Collection)      Steve Nieve

        Nevermind                                               Nirvana

        In Utero                                                Nirvana

        Unplugged in New York                                   Nirvana

        1962 In a Big Year of Events                   Birthday Card/CD

        No Alternative                                          Various

        Notting Hill    (Soundtrack)                            Various

        The Offspring  (1989)                             The Offspring

        Smash                                             The Offspring

        Ignition                                          The Offspring

        Ten                                                   Pearl Jam

        Ten Years Together / The Best of             Peter, Paul & Mary

        Greatest Hits                     Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

        Billy Breathes                                            Phish

        Dark Side of the Moon                                Pink Floyd

        Wish You Were Here                                   Pink Floyd

        A Momentary Lapse of Reason                          Pink Floyd

        Every Breath You Take: The Singles                   The Police
        Poor Fractured Elvis (Costello-L tribute cdr)           Various

        The Singles                                      The Pretenders

        Pulp Fiction   (Soundtrack)                             Various

        All the Stuff (and More)-Vol. 1                     The Ramones

        All the Stuff (and More)-Vol. 2                     The Ramones

        It's Alive                                          The Ramones

        End of the Century                                  The Ramones
        Pleasant Dreams                                     The Ramones

        Animal Boy                                          The Ramones
        Subterranean Jungle                                 The Ramones

        Too Tough to Die                                    The Ramones

        Halfway to Sanity                                   The Ramones

        Ramonesmania                                        The Ramones

        Brain Drain                                         The Ramones
        Loco Live                                           The Ramones
        Mondo Bizarro                                       The Ramones

        Acid Eaters                                         The Ramones

        Adios Amigos!                                       The Ramones

        Greatest Hits Live                                  The Ramones

        We're Outta Here!                                   The Ramones
        Anthology (Hey Ho Let's Go!)(2cd)                   The Ramones

        Ramones MP3 songs from Internet                     The Ramones

        Judy is a Punk  (promo "Royal Tenenbaums" single)   The Ramones

        Green                                                    R.E.M.

        Automatic for the People                                 R.E.M.

        Eponymous                                                R.E.M.

        Monster                                                  R.E.M.
        Out of Time                                              R.E.M.

        Rock 'N' Roll High School    (Soundtrack)               Various

        Some Girls                                   The Rolling Stones

        Rolling Stone Turn it Up! (Mini-Disc)                   Various

        Archaeology                                          The Rutles

        SNL - Musical Performances Vol. 1                       Various

        Seven Up 7-UP Listen Up Music Mix Vol. 2                Various
           (7 Tracks: Boyz II Men, Mikaila, Shorty 101, Gabrielle, Brian
              McKnight, Modjo, Hanson)

        Tangletown                   Michael Sherwood & Julius Robinson

        Negotiations & Love Songs 1971-1986                  Paul Simon

        Greatest Hits                               Simon and Garfunkel

        The Autumn Stone                                    Small Faces

        Gish                                          Smashing Pumpkins

        Lull                                          Smashing Pumpkins

        Peel Sessions                                
         Girl Named Sandoz                            Smashing Pumpkins

        Siamese Dream                                 Smashing Pumpkins

        Hello Kitty Kat                              Smashing  Pumpkins
        Obscured single

        Cherub Rock
        Pissant                                       Smashing Pumpkins
        French Movie Theme single

        Pisces Iscariot                               Smashing Pumpkins

        Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness (2 cd)   Smashing Pumpkins

        1979 Mixes:
         Vocal Mix
         Instrumental Mix                             Smashing Pumpkins
         Moby Mix
         Cement Mix

        Tonight, Tonight
        Meladori Magpie
        Rotten Apples                                 Smashing Pumpkins
        Medellia of the Gray Skies single

        Zero                                          Smashing Pumpkins

        The Queen is Dead                                    The Smiths

        Best...1                                             The Smiths

        Best...2                                             The Smiths
        Grave Dancers Union                                 Soul Asylum

        Superunknown                                        Soundgarden

        Pocket Full of Kryptonite                           Soundgarden

        I'm Free (Featuring Junior Reid / Freedom Remix)
        I'm Free (Featuring Junior Reid / Terry Farley Remix)
        Backwards Dog
        4 Way Brain                                   The Soup  Dragons
        I'm Free (Accapella) single

        The Spy Who Shagged Me  (Soundtrack)                    Various

        Singles - 45'S and Under                                Squeeze

        Can't Buy a Thrill                                   Steely Dan

        Aja                                                  Steely Dan

        A Decade of Steely Dan                               Steely Dan

        Crucified by the F.C.C.  (2cd box set)             Howard Stern

        Stiff Records Box Set  (5cd)                     Various Stiffs

        Fields of Gold / The Best of...1984-1994                  Sting

        Purple                                      Stone Temple Pilots

        Core                                        Stone Temple Pilots

        Stop Making Sense                                 Talking Heads

        Little Creatures                                  Talking Heads

        True Stories                                      Talking Heads

        Naked                                             Talking Heads

        Popular Favorites 1976-1992:
        Sand in the Vaseline (2cd)                        Talking Heads

        Greatest Hits                                      James Taylor

        Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92)           Tears for Fears

        Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1                    Traveling Wilburys

        Until the End of the World  (Soundtrack)                Various

        The Joshua Tree                                              U2

        Rattle & Hum                                                 U2

        1984                                                  Van Halen

        5150                                                  Van Halen

        For the Stars (w/ Elvis Costello)          Anne Sofie Von Otter

        Who's Next                                              The Who

        Tommy    (2cd)                                          The Who

        Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy                              The Who

        My Generation - The Very Best of...                     The Who

        Beyond & Back: The X Anthology   (2cd)                        X

        Neil Young                                           Neil Young

        Everybody Knows This is Nowhere                      Neil Young

        After the Gold Rush                                  Neil Young

        Harvest                                              Neil Young

        Tonight's the Night                                  Neil Young

        Zuma                                                 Neil Young

        Decade   (2cd)                                       Neil Young

        Comes a Time                                         Neil Young

        Rust Never Sleeps                                    Neil Young

        Live Rust                                            Neil Young

        Trans                                                Neil Young

        Landing on Water                                     Neil Young

        This Note's for You                                  Neil Young

        Lucky Thirteen                                       Neil Young

        Eldorado                                             Neil Young

        Freedom                                              Neil Young

        Ragged Glory                                         Neil Young

        Mansion on the Hill (single version)
        Mansion on the Hill (album version)                  Neil Young
        Don't Spook the Horse  single

        Over and Over (edit)
        Over and Over (album version)  Promo                 Neil Young single

        Arc / Weld    (3cd)                                  Neil Young

        Arc                                                  Neil Young

        Harvest Moon                                         Neil Young

        Harvest Moon (single edit)
        Old King
        The Needle and the Damage Done                       Neil Young
        Goin' Back single

        Harvest Moon
        Old King                                             Neil Young single

        The Needle and the Damage Done (live)
        You and Me
        From Hank to Hendrix                                 Neil Young single

        Unplugged                                            Neil Young

        My Heart
        Tired Eyes
        Roll Another Number (for the Road)                   Neil Young single

        Piece of Crap
        Tonight's the Night
        Tonight's the Night (Part II)                        Neil Young single

        Sleeps with Angels                                   Neil Young

        Mirror Ball                                          Neil Young

        Broken Arrow                                         Neil Young

        Broken Arrow    (Promo)                              Neil Young

        We're Only in it for the Money / Lumpy Gravy        Frank Zappa

        Apostrophe / Overnight Sensation                    Frank Zappa

        Zoot Allures                                        Frank Zappa
        You Are What You Is                                 Frank Zappa

        Strictly Commercial: The Best of...                 Frank Zappa

        Eliminator                                             Z.Z. TOP

        Greatest Hits                                          Z.Z. TOP


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